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It’s been almost a year since I last published a blog post, which is honestly hard to believe. I knew it had been a while but I honestly imagined that I was still blogging into the summer last year. Turns out, I was thinking about blogging a lot, but actually doing very little of it. One of my goals for this year is to really get back into blogging and Instagramming, which is a little ironic because that was also one of my goals last year. I obviously didn’t get to that one (or the one to get back in shape and lose all the baby weight), but I don’t feel too bad about it when I actually think about what I did accomplish in 2018. Here are a few highlights:

  • Finished my master’s degree. I worked towards my master’s off an on for nearly six years! It had been a goal of mine for a long time and I’m so glad to have checked it off the list. Sitting in class while I just wanted to be snuggling my baby was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but thanks to my wonderful husband for taking great care of an often screaming baby, I got through it.
  • Bought and [almost completely] renovated a house. Not a month after I finished my master’s, Dave and I bought a house! And not just any house. We bought a foreclosure that had sat empty for a year with no flooring, water damage, birds living in the siding and late 80s finishes every where you looked. It’s now almost completely renovated (still have one bathroom to go) and is truly our dream house. We do still have a ton of little projects to do, though.
  • Sold a house. If you’ve sold a house, you know this deserves it’s own bullet point because selling a house is no joke! We were lucky that ours sold right away, but our first buyers ended up backing out. The perfect owners ended up getting the house, but only after we were stressed to the point of no return.
  • Became parents of a kid with special needs. In 2017, we became parents. In 2018, we discovered that our daughter has hypotonia and global developmental delay. We’ve spent countless hours with specialists, therapists and working on our miles/inchstones at home. I finally feel ready to share more about this, but so much of 2018 was spent wrapping my head around what this meant that I haven’t felt like I wanted to share until now.

I didn’t mention a crazy year of work and watching some close family members go through tough times. And even without all that, it was a very busy year. So I’ll give myself some grace and focus on moving forward. The reasons I wanted to start blogging remain the same, and I still crave this creative outlet. I even have some fun new things to share, including a lot about Violet and my experiences as a mom, and all the projects we’ve done on our new house. And I wear clothes every day (and Violet does most days), so maybe I’ll share a little of that too.

Thanks for following along and cheers to happy 2019!

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Kansas City mom sharing my take on motherhood while renovating a home and attempting to get dressed every day. Helping my toddler daughter through hypotonia and developmental delays.

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