Violet’s Second Month

If the first month is about survival, the second month is about making baby part of your normal routine. We’ve gotten a schedule down and have adjusted to having Violet in our lives. It seems like she’s adjusting to life outside of mom and is absorbing everything around her!


At her two month appointment, Violet was 10 pounds, 9 ounces and 22.5 inches long. She’s very average in weight and height but has quite the melon on her, with head circumference in the 90th percentile! She has graduated to 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers, but still wears newborn pants/leggings.


We’ve gotten back into the swing of breastfeeding, and it’s definitely true that the longer you do it, the easier it becomes! Violet eats every 2-3 hours during the day, but only nurses for about 15-20 minutes at a time now. We do still supplement with formula, and she usually has 1-2 three ounces bottles each day.


Baby girl is sleeping like a champ, and mom feels like a new woman compared to last month (and the last couple months of pregnancy!). We start our bedtime routine around 8/8:30, and usually have her asleep in the crib by 9/9:30. She typically wakes up just once a night, around 2-3 a.m., and stays up for about an hour. There are nights that she wakes up twice and nights that she’s up for longer, but overall she’s on a consistent schedule and sleeps until around 8 a.m.

Milestones and Development

  • Social smiles (these are the BEST reward)
  • Lifts and turns head, holds head up independently
  • Coos, giggles and “talks” to us


  • Playing with toys
  • Mornings
  • Big brother Rico


  • Being hungry
  • Getting buckled into her car seat

Products we loved this month

  • Gripe water – Violet gets the hiccups a lot and has had a few days of tummy aches (I think). This seems to help!
  • Puj bathtub – Right around 1 month old she decided she likes baths, and now we bathe her in the sink with this tub about 3 times a week.
  • Carter’s jammies – The zip up ones are easier to put on and take off, but you also wake your baby up more during middle of the night changes since they have to be almost completely undressed (on the button up ones, you can just unbutton the legs for a quick change). But I like both of the one pieces with footies – they keep her warm enough that she doesn’t wake for being cold if she kicks out of her swaddle.

What I wish I knew before this month…

This month has been much more fun than the first month, but I still think getting out with a baby has been more difficult than I imagined. I also read a lot about getting baby on a schedule, but found that she naturally fell into a routine and it was easier for us to work around what came to her naturally. Now I can adjust some of natural tendencies to better fit our lifestyle and work/daycare schedule, but I think letting her set the tone was the way to go.

What’s happening with mom…

I’m feeling much more like myself, thanks to Violet’s new sleeping habits! I haven’t lost any more weight but have started to workout again and am trying to eat healthier. I get out to run errands without Violet regularly, and have left her for a few hours on three different occasions. It’s not easy to leave, but I’ve found once I’m doing whatever it is I had planned it feels a lot more normal. I know we both need to get used to not being around each other 24/7 since I’m going back to work in less than a month!


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Kansas City mom sharing my take on motherhood while renovating a home and attempting to get dressed every day. Helping my toddler daughter through hypotonia and developmental delays.

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