Month Eight Update

We are on the home stretch! We have about a month to go before the official due date, but it’s crazy to think that baby girl could make her arrival at any point. If I had to bet, I’m guessing we won’t meet her until right around (or after) my due date. If she comes a little earlier it will be a nice surprise, but I’m prepared to go the distance!


The uncomfortableness is here for the long haul, but I’ve gotten more used to the belly over the last month and don’t notice it bothering as much when I’m moving positions. A weird symptom that has crept up this month is a burning pain at the very top of my belly on the right side, right under my bra line. It feels like there should be a rash but there’s nothing there. It turns out that this is actually the feeling of nerve endings under the skin being separated! Supposedly they will reconnect and stop hurting after delivery. Cocoa butter has helped. Another freaky symptom is leaking colostrum – but this is a good sign that things are working as they should for baby feeding!

What I’m wearing…

I’m almost exclusively in maternity clothes at this point. Non-maternity stretchy things are not as comfy as they were last month but I can still make some of my staples work. I also have a couple loose fitting non-maternity dresses that I can squeeze into, but they’re not the most comfy. I’m also noticing that even though it’s been very hot and humid in Kansas City, I prefer leggings over shorts. My thighs rubbing together isn’t the best feeling, and even maternity shorts aren’t that comfortable at this point.


I have days where I can hardly eat anything in one setting because my belly feels so full, and others where I feel “lightening” and can gorge myself on an entire buffet. I’m still craving sweets and fruit, and have also noticed certain days that I really want something specific – like tacos or pizza or a chicken cashew avocado wrap (like I said, specific). There’s not one thing, it varies day to day.

Most exciting moment…

We had so many amazing moments this month. The highlights were my baby shower and our maternity photo shoot. I already shared this recap of my shower and can’t wait to share all of our maternity pics soon! 

Stressed about…

I can’t believe it, but I’m not stressed about much about this point! Nursery is finished, shower gifts are organized, clothes are washed, hospital bag is packed, books are read and almost everything from our registries has been purchased. The only thing left on my to-do list is install the car seats and make some freezer meals for post-baby. The biggest stressor right now is wondering when I’ll go into labor and how the delivery experience will go, but I know most of that is out of my control so I’m trying to just stay relaxed and ready.

Can’t wait for…

Meeting baby Shandler! It hasn’t sunk in yet that we are about to parents, but I can’t wait to see what she looks like and hold her in my arms for the first time!




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Kansas City mom sharing my take on motherhood while renovating a home and attempting to get dressed every day. Helping my toddler daughter through hypotonia and developmental delays.

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