Getting Knocked Up

So, I think we all know how babies are made. But for those of us who’ve been trying to prevent pregnancy for many years, it can be really overwhelming to do a 180 and suddenly be trying to get pregnant! I’ve had a couple people ask me about our conception journey and what we did to prepare. I hope to answer those questions for you here without giving away too much information.

Dave and I had discussed even before we got married that we’d start trying around the one year mark of our wedding anniversary. I discussed this plan with my OB-GYN at an annual appointment to make sure there wasn’t anything I needed to do ahead of time, and she literally said “Have fun trying!” The only guidance she had was to track my periods and come in if they weren’t regular. She also suggested that if we’d been diligently trying for six months and nothing had happened we could come in for some basic testing and guidance. The last thing she said was to start taking a prenatal vitamin and then sent me on my way!

After 13 straight years of being on the pill, I stopped taking it in September 2016. I bought prenatal vitamins, pregnancy tests and ovulation tests. I also downloaded the Glow app to begin tracking my cycle and keep other notes in case I needed them for later reference with my doctor. I did use the ovulation test so I knew when I was ovulating in October, which is when we officially tried. And then on Nov. 7 I found out I was pregnant!

I know that’s not much of a journey compared to what others go through, but that’s ours! I feel very blessed that we didn’t have any trouble. But it was also a reminder that while so many couples struggle with infertility, you might not have any issues at all. So, don’t stress about it before you even start trying! And don’t start trying until you’re really ready to be pregnant. I was a little shocked when I found out because I really expected it to take at least a few months, but I’m glad I was in a place to be happy about it and enjoy the process without having a full-blown panic attack.

I also think it’s important to remember that growing your family is an amazing thing, no matter how that happens! I have friends and acquaintances who’ve added children to their brood via fertility drugs, insemination, in vitro, adoption, surrogacy and others who’ve gotten pregnant after one month like us and more who had to try for a few months or even years. You might have a “plan” like I did, but it doesn’t always work that way. And that is ok! Women are so hard on themselves and this is one area we need to do better at supporting each other and being forgiving of things that are outside of our control. I don’t take my situation for granted and pray for those who are still waiting for their chance at bringing a little one into their families!

My Pre-Pregnancy To-Do List

  • Talk to your doctor
  • Begin taking prenatal vitamins
  • Buy pregnancy tests
  • Buy ovulation tests
  • Download ovulation-tracking app
  • Have fun! 🙂

Links:  GlowVitafusion Prenatal Gummy VitaminOvulation TestsPregnancy Tests

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