Month Five Update

Month five was full of some exciting moments! I can’t believe I’m now more than halfway through this pregnancy. I’m sure I won’t feel like this in June, but for now I can say that time has flown and it’s all going very fast.


I started feeling a lot more movement, and my belly has officially popped out! The movement I felt in month five was mostly turning and some little kicks and hits, but it was very sporadic and nothing that could be felt from the outside. Thanks to the belly, I also started feeling uncomfortable if I was in the same position for too long, which was not fun at the end of a long work day. I also had a couple moments of intense anxiety. Not full-on panic attacks, but feelings of anxiousness over nothing in particular. I’ve been very busy at work, am taking two classes toward my master’s and obviously am preparing for our baby, so my to-do lists have been hard to keep up with!

What I’m wearing…

Bring on the maternity pants! The only pants I can wear to work now are my full-panel Harper Pants and side-panel Pixie Pants from Old Navy, and only maternity jeans and leggings on the weekends. I am also wearing a combination of maternity and non-maternity dresses and tops. I went ahead and spring cleaned my closet, putting all the clothes I can’t fit into away and getting out the spring and summer clothes I think I’ll be able to wear. Although I usually wear flowy styles in the warmer months, I don’t have as much that will work for the end of pregnancy as I thought I did!


The sweet tooth is apparently a situation that is not going away. I could eat cake, donuts, cookies, brownies, ice cream and candy ALL day long. I’m trying to limit myself to one dessert a day. I’ve also had a couple healthier cravings, mostly sour fruit like pineapple and green apples. The other craving that’s set in is anything spicy – especially buffalo sauce on chicken tenders or sandwiches. I wanted to keep up more of my typical healthy eating while pregnant but am just trying to eat what sounds good, in moderation.

Most exciting moment…

Finding out that baby Shandler is a GIRL! It was an amazing moment. We found out just the two of us in the sonogram room and I immediately cried. I did initially want a boy but now that we’re really getting ready for her I’m so excited. I spent the last half of month five working on the nursery and stocking up on adorable girl clothes and accessories.

Stressed about…

Everything. I just have a lot going on at work and with school and don’t feel like I’m able to focus on things I need to for the baby right now.

Can’t wait for…

Finishing the nursery. I can’t wait to share pictures of the final product; I think it’s coming together really well. I hope it’ll be a beautiful, tranquil room and I know we’re going to enjoy many hours of bonding and snuggling with our little girl in there.


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Kansas City mom sharing my take on motherhood while renovating a home and attempting to get dressed every day. Helping my toddler daughter through hypotonia and developmental delays.

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