Month Four Update

I’ve heard the second trimester is the best, and would agree that month four has been pretty easy (although I’ll admit none of my pregnancy has been tough so far). I’m definitely starting to feel the changes though – in my belly, symptoms and emotions. It’s a roller coaster for sure!


Still pretty minimal, but this month some new ones like vivid dreams and nightmares, lightheadedness and bloody noses. The dreams and nightmares are the worst because they wake me up and then I have trouble falling back asleep. I’m also feeling some movement, or “the quickening” as it’s called. It first felt like nervous butterflies, and now almost feels like indigestion or gurgling. It’s most noticeable when I’m lying in bed.

What I’m wearing…

Around week 15 is when I first felt like I was showing, but could still easily hide in looser shirts or dresses. By week 18 there was nowhere to hide! I’ve been stretching out some of my non-maternity pants with the hair tie trick or just unbuttoned and unzipped with a long tank, but I’m very close to needing larger or maternity sizes only in pants. I’m loving my Portofinos from Express and this tunic from Nordstrom; I have both in multiple colors. Also this month, I bit the bullet and bought a size up in bras and underwear. Don’t tell yourself to wait because you’ll only keep going up in size. Buy some now that really fit you, and you will thank me. Instantly more comfortable and my clothes fit better as a result.


Still everything sweet, especially Sour Punch Straws! Having Valentine’s Day candy and Girl Scout cookies in the house will be an interesting test. Also, I was missing my red wine but Dave bought me two bottles of alcohol-free red wine that are doing the trick!

Most exciting moment…

Our first sonogram! My doctor only does sonograms around week 20 as long as everything is going well, but I was antsy for a picture so I scheduled a “fun” one for week 16. It was so amazing to see our little one moving around and to get confirmation that everything is developing as it should be!

Stressed about…

Maternity clothes. It’s starting to sink in that I have to dress a much different body for the next few months, and as someone who’s been the same size for years this is daunting!

Can’t wait for…

Finding out the gender! We could’ve seen in our week 16 sonogram but he/she was sitting with legs crossed and hiding all the goods! We should find out in late February.

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Kansas City mom sharing my take on motherhood while renovating a home and attempting to get dressed every day. Helping my toddler daughter through hypotonia and developmental delays.

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