First Trimester Recap

I’m a few weeks into the second trimester now, but thought it would be fun to recap my first trimester before I get too far along. For most women it seems the first trimester is by far the worst part of pregnancy, and if that’s the case for me then I think I’m in for a pretty smooth ride! The first trimester went quickly, I’m sure in part because I only knew I was pregnant for eight weeks of it. I found out I was pregnant on Nov. 7, and was about four weeks along. We’re due July 15!


I almost hate to write about this because I know so many others aren’t as lucky, but I had literally NO morning sickness, nausea or vomiting. I also didn’t have much food aversion, although I did stick to more plain foods during this time. Throughout November I felt pretty great, but in December the constipation, breast tenderness and extreme fatigue (I’m talking coming home for naps over lunch and still going to bed at 8 o’clock fatigue) snuck up on me. Luckily, mostly all went away towards week 13!

What I’m wearing…

I wasn’t showing at all in the first trimester, so I stuck to my normal clothes and jeans. I did gain about five pounds, so some clothes weren’t fitting quite the same. Around week 12 my pants got hard to button, but the good ole hair tie hack did the trick!


EVERYTHING sweet. I could eat nothing but cake, donuts, candy and ice cream all day and be perfectly happy. My first really intense craving had me sending Dave out for sour punch straws late one night. At this point they’ve just become a staple of our grocery lists. I also had a couple late-night cheeseburger cravings. Never been so happy to live within two minutes of a Winstead’s!

Most exciting moment…

That is a tie between hearing the heartbeat for the first time at week 11 and telling our friends, family and coworkers. My personal favorites were telling Dave and seeing my sisters’ reactions!

Stressed about…

This sounds silly, but I honestly stressed about the fact that I didn’t have morning sickness! Until I got the official confirmation from the doctor I kept wondering if I was in fact pregnant since I felt pretty great. I also stressed about baby’s health and whether or not to do prenatal testing. We opted not to, since we had no family history or risk factors and I thought the results could give me more stress than I already had.

Can’t wait for…

The first sonogram. Some doctors will do sonograms in the first trimester, but since my doctor was able to hear the heartbeat with the fetal doppler she didn’t order one. I was anxious for my first “photo” of baby!

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