Pregnancy Reveals

Finding out you’re pregnant is the second most fun thing ever – the first most fun is getting to tell your family and friends! We decided that we’d wait until close to 12 weeks to share, which perfectly fell right around the holidays. Here are some of the fun ways we shared the news with our nearest and dearest:

  • I wanted to tell my best friend of 14 years our news in a special way, but I was dying keeping it in for four weeks after we found out until I could see her in person! She was the first person other than me and Dave to know. I pretended to have a Christmas gift for her (although we never do Christmas gifts), which was really a wine bottle with this custom label.
  • My mom and stepdad and Dave’s parents were given special onesies (here and here) as part of their Christmas gifts. The best parts were my sisters literally screaming and jumping up and down, and Dave’s mom opening the onesie immediately after gifting me 12 bottles of wine!
  • My grandparents and dad each received special coffee mugs (here and here) as part of their Christmas presents. I think my dad was thoroughly confused at first. He and my stepmom had individual gifts to open at once (hers was a New Baby scented Pickwick & Co candle from The General Store in downtown Overland Park), and I think he figured out when she started bawling and said “Are you [bleeping] kidding me?” It was definitely the most unexpected and hilarious reaction!
  • Our last big reveal before we shared on social media was at a friends’ holiday/New Year’s Eve with some of favorite people. It was going to be obvious that something was up since I wouldn’t be partaking in party beverages, but we decided to make the announcement a little more special than just shouting it out. I wore this tank top (pictured) to the party and only had to wait a few minutes before some observant ladies called me out!

Wine, onesies, fake Christmas gifts, candles, coffee mugs, T-shirts – no matter how you choose to tell your friends and family, it’s so much fun to see the joy you’ve been feeling spread to all the people who mean the most to you. It warms my heart to think of how loved Baby Shandler is already!

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Kansas City mom sharing my take on motherhood while renovating a home and attempting to get dressed every day. Helping my toddler daughter through hypotonia and developmental delays.

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